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  • They are virtual spaces inside our warehouses where your packages are received, later stored, processed and sent to your destination.

  • This service is created to facilitate your purchases online, gives access to all shopping portals in Europe and the United States, with an unlimited weight or shipments in the month.

  • Enter our website www.yashipping.nl, in the navigation menu click on “Ya Box”, Create your box, complete all requested information.

    Once you send your information, you will receive a return email confirmation, your box number and address where to send your packages. From that moment you can begin to make your purchases.

  • Enter the portal or web page where you want to make the purchase and follow the whole process. At the moment of entering the contact information it is necessary to place your name and next to the number that was granted of locker and the address depending on where the purchase is made, in Europe or the United States.

  • Once we have received the package in our warehouses we will contact the recipient to corroborate all the information that already lies in our database and carry out the entire process of sending it to its final destination.

    Values ​​payable, the customer will only have to pay the value of the final shipment to his destination. Our service for Venezuela and Colombia is door-to-door.

    • Pay pal
    • Credit card.
    • Payment against delivery
  • After 30 days of storing the boxes in warehouse will begin to charge storage service.

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